I do both formal and informal research and writing, which is grounded in teaching and education, but which addresses ecological, political economic, and ethical issues. A few published articles can be read here:

Student activism: An exploration of pre-service teacher engagement

Teaching for sustainability: The role of (benefit) corporations

How big should the economy be?

Also, below is a paper I presented at the 2019 Australian Geography Teachers’ Association’s conference. It’s similar to the article above ‘How big should the economy be?’ but is applied to the NSW junior geography syllabus, rather than the senior Australian Curriculum: Geography.

Endless growth on a finite planet: An ecological economic approach to sustainability – AGTA conference 2019

Recently I’ve begun publishing some articles in a local newspaper. Here are some of them:

How Big Should the Economy Be? (with slight editorial modifications)

A Lithium Coup d’Etat (with slight editorial modifications)

Students are not Citizens: Australia’s New Educational Policy (with slight editorial modifications)

Brick Walls or Rubber Bands? On the Nature of Ecological Limits